Submission Guidelines for the 2020 PLEXUS Journal

Medical student submissions will automatically entered in the Student Contest where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be awarded in 3 different categories: Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Performance.

Cash prizes will be awarded. The PLEXUS board will base judging criteria on originality, thematic impact, and execution. Note: Contest is only open to UC Irvine Medical Students.

This year’s theme is (coming soon!).

All submissions will be considered for publication regardless of adherence to the theme, but preference will be given to pieces that respond to the theme.

We welcome and value each and every submission. Due to the limited amount of space in our publication, submissions will be reviewed and selected by the PLEXUS board of student editors based on criteria such as originality, thematic impact, and execution. Selected visual and written work will be published both online and in our print journal, which will be distributed across the UCI Health community in spring. Musical and performance works (skits, dance) will be featured at .

Please save your file as "TITLE OF WORK_LAST NAME" and upload it via the google form in the link below: 

<insert link here>

Please remember not to include your name anywhere on the submitted work. If you have any questions, please email

Submitting to PLEXUS gives PLEXUS permission to copy, print, and distribute any selected documents for UCI-related purposes. Each copy will credit the document’s author and will not be altered without the author’s consent.

Written Works

We are accepting poetry, short stories, essays and other creative and nonfiction submissions. 
Written Work Word Limit: 2000 Words Maximum.

Please follow HIPAA regulations on patient confidentially where applicable. If you would like our writing editors to look over your work before you submit a final version, we would be happy to assist your creative process. Please indicate in your submission title that your piece is still a work in progress.

Still Visual Works (photography, paintings, collage, etc.)

We accept all formats, but we prefer .tif, .jpeg, .png, or .raw files. Maximum of 5 entries per person.

Please make sure the image resolution is as high as possible to ensure that the submission is fairly represented (suggested at least 150 ppi). We recommend that the longest dimension of you image should be at least 1000 pixels.

Performing Arts & Multimedia pieces

We are accepting submissions from actors, filmmakers, dancers, singers, beat-boxers, instrument-players, comedians, storytellers, can-kickers, impersonators, body-painters and performers of any kind that can and should be seen.

We accept all formats, but prefer .mp3 or .mp4 format. Submissions should be no more than five minutes maximum.


We are accepting rolling submissions to the Plexus Blog featured on the website. Please visit for guidelines.